Basic research

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Clinical Descriptive Research

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  8. Mekel M, Linder R, Bishara B, Kluger Y, Bar-On O, Fischer D
    4-Dimentional Computed Tomography for Localization of Parathyroid Adenoma.
    In Press Hrefuah July 2012

Review Papers

  1. Mekel M, Nucera C, Hodin RA and Parangi S
    Surgical implications of B-RafV600E mutation in fine needle aspiration of thyroid nodules. Am J Surg. 2010 Jul; 200(1):136-43
  2. Nagarkatti SS, Mekel M, Sofferman RA, Parangi S
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Book Chapters

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Other Publications

  1. Gilshtein H, Mekel M, Kluger Y
    IPMN and Parathyroid Adenoma: An Interesting Association. Letter. Journal of the Pancreas. 2012 Sep 10;13(5):1103


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